Changing education in Latin America
Tu Clase Team

A unique team for reaching important goals!

About us

We are Tu Clase, Tu País, a non-profit Chilean organization that promotes the professional development and training of teachers and school administrators throughout Latin America. Our motivation arises from the vision of the teacher as a professional in constant development, where training is built from authentic classroom practices and pedagogical dialogue that promotes the development of teacher learning communities. With programs implemented in 11 Latin American countries, we adapt our work model to the needs of each professional team, guaranteeing its permanent development and providing autonomy and long-term projection.

In these 10 years since our creation, we have witnessed the daily heroism of teachers, who face the challenges of being creative, providing personalized classes and staying at the forefront of education. But what is their biggest obstacle – time! We sincerely hope that this development will be the boost they need to make a real difference in the lives of millions of students and in the quality of life of thousands of teachers. Join us in this mission of educational transformation!


Why work with us?

Because we offer more than just training programs: we provide transformative learning experiences. Our methodology is based on practical action, reflection and effective implementation. We collaborate with corporations, companies, organizations and government institutions throughout Latin America, offering educational solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our track record is backed by partnerships with leading educational entities, taking learning to a higher level in the classroom.

Join us and discover how we can together drive educational success in your organization.