Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the differences between UmmIA and Chat GPT?


  • Specific: UmmIA is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of teachers in their daily work.
  • Specialized Content: Provides reliable and verifiable pedagogical content, focused on education and tailored to the needs of the school environment.
  • Practical Apps: Offers specific tools and resources for lesson planning, effective teaching and classroom management, thus optimizing teachers’ time and efforts.
  • Personalized Assistance: Allows direct interaction with pedagogical expert content, providing customized guidance and support to teachers in real time.
  • Focus on Education: Its main objective is to improve the quality of teaching and learning, providing practical tools and useful resources for teachers’ professional development.
  • Simple: UmmIA’s form is very easy to use. Don’t complicate yourself with the prompt to get the desired answer in a faster and more appropriate way.

Chat GPT

  • Broad focus: GPT chat is an AI tool designed for a wide range of applications, from casual conversations to generating text for various purposes. However, if you are a teacher looking to create a lesson plan, arriving at your desired outcome can take a long time depending on how elaborate the prompt is.
  • Varied Content: Its knowledge extends to a wide variety of topics beyond the educational realm, which makes it useful for a variety of queries and conversations. However, it is not reliable or specific to education.
  • Generated Responses: It provides generated responses based on data and language patterns learned during its training until January 2022.
  • Non-Interaction Specific: While it can provide useful information in many contexts, it does not provide the same specific guidance for teachers as an AI application designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Versatile Apps: It can be integrated into different applications and systems to automate text generation tasks or hold simulated conversations, but it is not focused on education as its primary function.

Another FAQ

By being selected as one of the 300 teachers who will have free access during the trial phase, you must commit to use the platform and participate in feedback sessions, all with the aim of improving it and making it a significant contribution to the work of the teachers who use it.

We will post all the information on our social media and also we will communicate with you by email. You will know when the selection will be made and you’ll receive an email indicating whether you were selected or not.

*If you were not selected but you are interested in the tool for your educational institution, go to our web page in the plans section.

With UmmIA you will be able to plan your academic year, solve doubts or ask for opinions to our expert chat and use the UmmIApps that are a more specific solution to everyday problems of teachers.

UmmIA is still in a testing phase so it’s possible that some of its functions are disabled. If this happens, please report it to, so that our developers can fix it as soon as possible.

UmmiApps are designed for specific and fast teacher needs. However, the chat can offer you the same features as the UmmiApps, although it may require more iterations and make it a bit more complicated. Ideally, you should take advantage of the UmmiApps features if what you need is available in them, so you can optimize your UmmIA experience to the maximum.

UmmIAPlan offers flexibility in the creation of lesson plans. You can create plans for a traditional single subject class, or interdisciplinary active methodologies, depending on your needs and adjusted to curriculum requirements. This allows teachers to customize their classes according to their own pedagogical methods and approaches.

UmmIAPlan offers speed and efficiency in generating detailed lesson plans, allowing teachers to devote more time to teaching and creativity.

UmmIAPlan offers inspiration to design activities that match students’ interests, stimulating their curiosity and motivating them to learn.

UmmIAChat provides expert support at all times, providing quick and reliable answers to solve doubts and get ideas, thus raising the educational practice to new levels of excellence.

UmmIAChat offers reliable and verifiable educational content, ensuring quality and confidence in the answers provided.

UmmIApps provide specific resources and strategies to address the diverse needs of students, helping to create a more inclusive and effective educational environment.